Tungsten Wolfram Jig Head mit geschärften High End Haken alle Grössen in einer ÜbersichtTungsten Wolfram Jig Head mit geschärften High End Haken

Tungsten Jig Head

Tungsten Cheburashka Sinker - blackTungsten Cheburashka Sinker - black
Tungsten Cheburashka Sinker - goldTungsten Cheburashka Sinker - gold
Tungsten Tear Drop Shot Weight - naturalTungsten Tear Drop Shot Weight - natural
Tungsten Cheburashka Sinker - naturalTungsten Cheburashka Sinker - natural
Tungsten Bullet Weight - black matteTungsten Bullet Weight - black matte
Tungsten Bullet Weight - sapphire pumpkinTungsten Bullet Weight - sapphire pumpkin
Tungsten Bullet Weight - green pumpkinTungsten Bullet Weight - green pumpkin

Are you looking for eco-friendly fishing weights, free from harmful substances? Then our JAEGER terminal tackle made of tungsten is just right for you. In our range you will find weights and jig hooks that do not require any lead at all. Convince yourself!

Tungsten Terminal Tackle

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